From a Railway Carriage Lesson Plan

  Hello, dear friends welcome to our article in this article we will provide a lesson plan that is “from a railway carriage lesson plan”  if you teach English then you can use these lesson plans and also you can change or modify something according to your convenience, if you are a teacher then you must find difficulties while making as a lesson plan and got confused so here we will solve your problem with his simple lesson plan.

Lesson Plan for from a railway carriage

Name of the student teacher-

 name of the guy teacher-

 name of the school-

 Subject:  English

 class- 6th

 Topic:  From A  Railway carriage

 Duration:  45 minutes

 general instructional objectives:  the students

  •  acquire knowledge of the central theme of the poem
  •  understand the thoughts and feeling expressed
  •  comprehend the meaning of the keywords
  •  develop interest to appreciate the points of beauty in the poem
  •  evaluate the skills of listening speaking, reading and writing

 specific instructional objectives: the students

  •  recall the events related to the poem
  •  Grasp the meaning of the keywords
  •  give the moral of the poem
  •  recognize the sound and sound units
  •  summarize the main idea of the poem

 instructional material:

                 picture- author image

                 flowchart- author introduction

                  flashcard –  new words ( charge, diamber, brambles, stringing)

                  chart- Mind Map

                  matchboard- riming words

 previous knowledge of the learners:

 1. do you like traveling by train?

2. what do you think about traveling?

3. have you seen a Railway carriage?

4. have you counted the railway carriage?

5. close your eyes and think about the moving scene outside it rains window

content/ conceptspecification behavioral objectiveslearning experienceevaluation
Motivation physical activity on experience in what situation happened around theremotivatethe teacher ask the students to stand one by one like a train and made them move to the ground and come back. after that, she ask them what do you had seen while they went to the ground.
Title: from a railway carriageintroducethe teacher introduce the title of the poem by writing on the blackboard “from a railway carriage”what is the title of the poem
author introduction Robert Louis balfour stevensonlabelsthe teacher levels about the author Robert Louis Stevenson by using the flowchartWho is the author of the poem?
Glossary-charge- to make a rushhat Cliamber-climb brambles- A  pricky scrambling
 stringing- thanks so that is stretches
learns  the teacher  teach the keywords and their meaning by using the flash cardwhat do you mean by “climber”
faster than Fairles faster.. then witches..TO…through the meadows the horses and cattleelaboratesthe teacher elaborates on these lines that the brain runs very quickly than the fairies that can fly or the witches can move. with roses living behind bridges, houses, and beaches. when the train advances forward it same as a soldier are attacking the army on the battlefield, it runs and leaves behind the green field where horses and cattle are grazing.which seems the soldiers are attacking the enemy.

 what is the grazing in the green field?
all of these sights of the hill  and the Planes…to… painted whistle byelucidatingthe teacher will see that all scenes of hills and plains wear being crossed by train as quickly as on drop in a storm again and again in a very short moment.  the brain was crossing pointed stations with whistles.explain pointed stations whistle by
here is a child who claimbers and ….to…. green force stringing the daisiesclears upthe teacher clears up these lines that he also she is a child climbing the steep ground by himself with difficulties during his climbing together blackberries he sees a tramp person who is looking at the train handsome ladies were making girl and daisy flowerswho are climbers and scrambles the ground?

 which flowers are mentioned here?
here is a car run away in the road….to…a  glimpse and  gone foreverdescribethe teacher describes this line by saying that he is a cart moving slowly in the middle of the highway.  it was loaded with a cart driver.  then she is a water mill and river.  all these objects appeared and disappeared,  so quickly that the poet looks at them only for a short time  and they can be been seen againwhat is it gone forever?
reviewrecallthe teacher simplifies the whole poem  with the help of Mind Map what is the moral of the poem?
read the whole poem pronunciation  drillthe teacher asks the students to read the whole poem  with correct pronunciation, stress, and notationhow will you pronounce the word” Ditches”?
structure of the poemdiscussthe teacher discuss that the poem has a stanza of 14 lines poem  is said a Sonnet,  but this poem has 16 lines  and discusses rhyming words  and a rhyming scheme what is the rhyming word in this poem?

follow up: 

  • 1) write your experience on a train journey
  • 2) learn the new words and their meaning
  • 3) memorize the poem


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